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03.21.2013 , 10:05 AM | #84
Love the game. Been a founder member.

My main issuse I have with this MMO is that is way to easy and available for everyone to get end gear(63) top tier gear,
They can suck badly but do dailies grind credits and buy gear from GTN. Where others bust theyre butts doing Denova HM TFB HM and looting it. There should be a gap between the grinders of dailies and the top players who do the operations. You had that long ago with rakata gear only being looted and bound but blackhole (61) and dreadguard(63) is cooked by all and bought by anyone, hell I seen people with 63 mods who never been in a operation...that drives you crazy. The hardcore players who burn the hours doing the ops should be rewarded so not be standing on fleet with noobs who have the same level of gear.