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I miss my entertainer from SWG, who could change appearances by class ability (own and of others).

Also I am growing more and more tired, that the holy cow of raiders and PvPers remains untouchable, but for a roleplayer to experience the whole game, you are required to spend additional money, only cause you want to look good.

Something as simple as being burned in a roleplay scene or scarred... loosing facial or main hair... is impossible to play without spending money as a roleplayer... and noone cares, as it is not a FP or OP and not BiS gear.

When I heard about a barber shop coming, I had hoped, that it would be a shop in game to walk in get a dialogue and chnge your chars appearance for some credits... which would be great for roleplay. But with CCs... well... once again a slap in the face for roleplayers.
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