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03.21.2013 , 09:44 AM | #49
Customizing your character (post - rolling) is pretty cool but I don't think they should charge cartel coins for it. It seems they're really pushing everything with cartel coins which is ok but prices are expensive. I think they should push the cartel market just a little less with the current prices in the sense that they should lower prices or add more defining things rather than just cosmetics. Give us something that really gives us an edge, something really worth our money. I'm already paying $15 a month so I don't need to buy weekly passes or anything but I do like to buy stuff like XP boosts or the cartel rep stuff. Those are good, because they progress you through the game like better gear and more items. Cartel coins for legacy perks is good though, that's cool. Something cool would be paying cartel coins for the ability to do a long quest chain that leads to a really great item that will change gameplay like rocket boots that can be used in PVP; something that really changes the game...not just a speeder with camo on it or a pet that follows you around. Although, a speeder that's faster than any other speeder and only in the cartel market, that would be good. Once again, just make more useful things sold in the Cartel Market. Overall, I think Bioware is on the right track. Keep improving the game and I'll keep playing.
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