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Yeah we play other MMO's and so you know I have been a sub since early access, but I'm also an old player of MMO's that didn't include a "real world monetary value" to change something that you should be able to do anyway, SWG is a great example of that.

At the end of the day the Cartel Market is a big success for what it offers, equipment, XP buffs etc, but I'm on the side of that is how it should remain, things like the "Barbershop" shouldn't be a Cartel Market option but a core game option, but then just wait for some of the more hardcore RolePlayers to get a hold of the news, they will have a field day with how much of a bad idea this is going to be.
"And Im happy to announce that well be introducing several new features along the way, like a new customization feature, which will allow you to change your character's hair style, eye color, body type, or even species (including the upcoming Cathar!) using Cartel Coins. Look for it in early summer."

I don't see anywhere that says it's in the Cartel Market. It's just going to cost Cartel Coins, which most of us get already for being a Sub. Could we all at least WAIT until they announce more before we start getting mad for no reason?
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