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03.21.2013 , 09:24 AM | #20
For a current game I can say that I overall like it. I like the fighting style the most, specially style of my imperial agent. Combat is much more drawing you into game than any other game, you can actually dodge the incoming attacks and so on... Yeah sometimes it is annoying to get into cover and be standing still glass cannon, but still it's something that gives a change from other MMO's. I also like that making small mistakes in operations are not so unforgiving, however making big mistakes can cause group to wipe (there are some boss fights that prove otherwise, but developers can fix mechanics right?).

The only thing that bugs me out is lack of new operations coming out. I mean: we get new expansion and just new harder modes of already existing operations. Please keep on mind, that we get bored watching same environment over and over again.

About space combat: I still like it, but it's too repetitive. It's same missions over and over again, nothing changes. I like new hard mode difficulty but I would probably think in revamp of space combat. I know it's hard to change it, but maybe here is simple idea: instead of having only one flying path, you could give players an option to choose 2 or more different paths on some points. Like you are approaching enemy ship (big one) and you get an option to attack it from above, under, left or right and when you are past the ship, player returns on "normal" path again.
Also co-op space missions would be awesome. Just like flashpoints, but without tank and healer. This is MMO after all and it's shame to see space combat, as one of essential part of Star Wars, so dumbed down. I know there are probably limited resources for development, but this is something to think about it...

Overall I pretty like it as it is now, I like to have lower repair cost so I can save credits for buying gear upgrades, augments and consumables...