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03.21.2013 , 09:23 AM | #18
I don't want to be called a loyalist or anything. I liked this game right from the start (EA didn't give a beta key to me, being in the sub continent I think no one here got it). May be because I love Star Wars or may be because I have played all Bioware games so many times.
I have seen agitated people in the forums and in other part of the web, most of them were right to be upset. I didn't like the game going F2P, but wanted to live with it. I have been a subscriber since launch. Hopefully I will continue to be one. That is big commitment specially when I just play during weekends and may be just 8 hours a week.
I did enjoy last week's Double XP. So I believe this is going in the right direction. However, EA/Bioware should realize that with games like GW2 Tera Online, they have to work really hard to continue this. I will be here till they shut the server down or charge me more than 15 bucks a month.