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I believe what JamieKirby is talking about is the fact that it costs more to acquire item modifications to fill shells than it does to acquire similar stat crafted items:

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I honestly prefer non-mod based gear, because from experience buying the mods on their own from the GTN is far more expensive then buying the gear themselves.

From Experience at level 11, i got some gear from the Cartel Market for my Jedi Guardian, then i bought level 11 armorings, level 9 mods and level 11 enhancements, all blue quality, guess how much i had to pay due to the overpricing tendances of most crafters?

6x armorings = 6x10k = 60k
6x mods = 6x8k = 48k
4x enhancements = 4x6k = 24k

10k per armoring

8k per mod

6k per enhancement

Total price paid at level 11 is: 132k

I bought a piece of gear as i could wear them and i paid FAR less then what i paid for mods, sorry, but if crafting is useless and not that profitable, its the crafters for being too greedy.

I shouldn't HAVE to craft to get gear, it should be an option, not the only solution, if crafters crafted items for all level brackets for a reasonable price, i would buy them, they might make less profit in the short-term, but in the long term, they will make more profit, but all they think about is short-term, never thinking about long-term....which is a huge mistake, in a business stand point.
But there are three things JamieKirby is not taking into account:

#1 - item modification items can be easily acquired with planetary commendations
#2 - the item modifications sold on the GTM are dominantly blue and purple quality and to get those schematics reverse engineering had to take place and a good portion of the value of those blue and purple quality items comes from that reverse engineering process.
#3 - shells and item modifications to fill them are always in high demand. High demand equates to more value. fixed stat crafted items are in less demand. lower demand equates to less value.