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Wow, and people wonder why crafting is dying.....always someone trying to rip other players off, maybe you should start selling the mods you make for what they are truely worth instead of being a greedy profiteer.
LOL, and how do you figure out what an item is worth.

The gtn (in most things) is an open uncontrolled market in the sense that (other than the highest level mods, armorings, etc. which is controlled by raiders or the few who take the RE risk) no one controls any item on the market. Anyone can build a crafting skill and obtain the mats needed. The price / worth is then determined on a supply and demand basis (wllling seller to willing buyer) with the underpining of cost and time of production. There is not much room for greedy profiteers in the system. In RL, most markets are controlled by a few mega corps who have invested heavily in our government and greed is the norm, but I have not seen much of that in game.