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as a pug pvper all time i find civil war the worse of all the matches. its the one map you see your team mates give up far faster and sit on the one cap turret we got which is very frustrating to those of us that try our best to get the win.

The way i would redesign it is:

take away side speeders.
place a wall near where u land that defenders in mid cnat see if you go left or right would give it a more tatic feel to it
make it so its two turrets to do damage (seen groups come back from what looked like certain defeat in a NC with 3% and win).

Nothing worse than sitting there knowing no matter what u do its aloss for sure and drags so long. At least in a bad huttball game its over in a blink of an eye.

Huttball / Voidstar i would say are my fav two. Civil war my least fav as a pug (99% of time in a pug CW theres quitters and leavers on empire side on my server).
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