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In ranked it's definitely pretty awful because, as said, first person to a side node first wins and then it's a 20 minute slug fest at mid for no decision.

In normals it's ok..
i think exactly the opposite.

lol edit: I think exactly the same. dur.

every map in ranked play sucks. in hb (assuming you have the requisite comp), it comes down to throwing grenades in mid and holding off on scores until your shadow is ready to throw a grenade and pop resil. boring.

in nc, it comes down to who wins the race to mid and pops his grenades first. once mid is decided, it's game over. boring.

ahg is the worst of them all. spend 3-4 rounds standing outside the "hot box" trying to pull enemies out for focus fire. what could be a fun version of CW down to the wire becomes the biggest waste of time in pvp.

as already mentioned, cw comes down to who caps natural node first (must have combat trans + shadow sprint). then spend the rest of the wz tying up mid. there's literally one option: do we pull the goalie? and when?

regs, on the other hand, are not reduced to one lowsy strat, whether you use grenades, whether you have an exactly right comp, and they allow for comebacks.

I totally agree with op about CW, btw, it's stupid to spend half the wz already having lost cuz you need a 3-cap. a slight tweak in the rules and possibly elimination of the side speeders is all that is necessary to remedy the situation.
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