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I finaly played both stories. At first i thought the hero of typhon was more stronger. Now im not so sure, my meaning is there is nothing that says that the consular wont do the same, if not even better. barsenthor is actualy meant to be a prodigy of the order

Playing both characters made me realized that their achievements one without the other, their victories alone are rather pointless or incomplete, they both save the galaxy in on their own way.

Lets not forget that the consular, was the youngest jedi to date on the old republic to become a master, the title barsenthor "warden of the jedi order" being the third jedi to recieve this title only means its up there to the elite of the elite amoung the jedi order, I think of Nomi sunrider, or Odan urr. (probably) i dont know what are the others barsenthors. But the fact alone that the consular is certainly a force to recon with.
Also i would like to point out that game mechanics are a poor way to measure this character skils, im certain the hero of typhon is meant to be strong with the force as well, and the barsenthor to have great skill with the lightsaber too. Its not very wise to think otherwise.

Emperors Wrath FTW!! oh wait it wasnt an option?? well probably for the best cuz no one can match him in terms of power anyway...
Hum lets not get carried away, i love my juggernaut no doubt, but as achievements is concerned, meh he killed baras, sure, but overall i think it pales incomparisson to barsenthor and hero of typhon achievments.
HoT saved Tython from Angral. And stopped 3(?)ish super weapons that would destroy planets in one flick of a switch
then you know stopped the Emperor from devouring the galaxy
And barsenthor save all of the jedi from a plague that would eventualy consume all jedi or force user in time. Including the hero of typhon. He Mastered a technique shielding/healing that no jedi had before without killing himself, he is the perfect anti darkness jedi stereotype. Just like Nomi sunrider if i recall.
Later on he basicaly save the republic from falling apart, and i mean on larger scale.
From the lore perspective its quite plausable that the consular could do what the hero of typhon had done.
I also came to conclusion that the consular story it makes more sense from a jedi perspective. i mean having kira as your padawan right away is strange.
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