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As much as I already love Kira in the game, I'd totally sign this, many a times I'd have characters who are friends and tell stories but never get to go out and DO said things.

Obviously I know this won't be in the current game plans for the next year or so but it would be cool to see down the road along with hood toggle, chair sitting, racing, and pazzak. Oh and guild ships.
Yeah! I was thinking just the same, its weird to be married with someone you have never ever been along with, and also more weird to have a child with her after all the already said stuff... unless she's getting along with someone else while you dont see... ewe (k thats another story xD)

I love Ashara in game (I have certain weakness aganist Togrutas... S but I would be happy to have my Legacy wife along with me...

Thanks for supporting my idea people Im glad to have contributed something nice to the Suggestion Box