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I once received flak for something as simple as holding the door open. This was a few years ago, but I got barked at "I don't need you hold the door open for me!"

It was a bit of a surprise and wholly uncalled for, as I do this for both women AND men. If I'm at the door, and it's not automatic, and there's someone coming up behind me, I hold the door for them.

I've always thought it of it as a point of etiquette, or respect.

It think it's important to distinguish between a school of people who were raised into believing in inherent superiority, and people who were just taught "this is polite behavior"
Ditto. I do this for anyone, male or female, young or old, rich or poor because I'm a polite person. I understand why people might think I'm being sexist but it's not the case. Lots of behavioural modes have changed meaning over the years (Samhain to Hallowe'en, Yule to Christmas, chasing invading tribes away to running after the marriage car as it leaves) and I can see a great deal of benefit to this one being the same. Rather than 'Don't hold doors open for women' there's no reason it couldn't change to 'hold doors open for anyone'.

Having said that y'all DO know this whole conversation is going to get purged, right?

On that note while I have no inherent issue with the use of the term I'd like to point out that originally 'Chauvinism' referred to Nicholas Chauvin's overwhelming belief in Napoleon's (and by extension Napoleon's forces') superiority. That's why the mistaken belief of male superiority over women is called 'male chauvinism'. Just thought you'd like to know (though you probably already do). Chauvinism doesn't have to have anything at all to do with gender.
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