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03.20.2013 , 08:53 PM | #4
This also just recently happened to me. About 2 days ago I was opening packs from a 24x box of the new Enforcers Contraband Packs. I know this has happened to me before a few times opening packs but I never thought anything of it as I wasent fully thinking of what I was supposed to get in the Cartel Packs. Now however the wording on the newest packs is VERY clear. "This Pack Contains 6 Items" Ok so now I get it...the more expensive packs should ALWAYS contain 6 items, the only variable is the type/rarity of some of the items within a specific class.

Ok says I. I only got 3 items when I opened this pack. I submit a help request ticket stating exactly what happened, the actual 3 items I DID get in the pack, and ask to have the pack replaced or something similar so I can get a pack with the correct amount of items in it. I wait 3 days and finally someone responds with, in essence "sorry, I can't find this in your character logs, bummers for you, can't do anything, but PLEASE contact us again if you have any problems" REALLY?!?!?? It showed up VERY Clearly in my chat tab from "System feedback" in yellow that I had opened a cartel pack and it listed VERY clearly that I had only gotten the 3 items I talked about in the help request.

So what is the disconnect here? Is there some special command I need to issue to make SURE my player logs are saved correctly so they can find these problems and fix them? Should I be screenshoting these things so I can prove to customer service i'm not lying to them about this?

What exactly should I have done to get this resolved other than what I did?