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03.20.2013 , 08:05 PM | #9
Ok, so this is weird and it's not making sense to me, I don't have a shadow so if shadows can help out please.

On pts, in deception and with 8 points in Darkness in order to get +18% damage on the Surging Charge, my Charges were hitting for 820. Always... they do not crit. I could not see my surging charge critting even once. Maybe I had a string of back luck and haven't parsed long enough, can anyone verify that Surging Charge can crit for them or is the damage always the same?

Now, Exploitative Strikes says that it increases crit chance when a force attack crits. If surging charge never crits, why would it proc Exploitative Strikes?

Or does Shadow Technique actually crit for Shadows and in turn procs Force Synergy?
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