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03.20.2013 , 04:55 PM | #7
Revan's chest plate got visibly lighter, from nice evil black to a grey color after an update. It really contrasts with the lower robe and may bother players. And there are is still an issue of two hoods. :-]

And those shoulder-rolls the OP mentions... Here is how Revan looks without them (what the OP would prefer his armor to looks like, I suppose). I'd prefer to get entirely new chest piece like this at some stage.

I don't get it, though... In the past I made so many posts about double hoods. It affects more than Revan's armor

Just slap "classic" Revan's chest plate into packs with removed "shoulder roll" like you did with the stuff in the past and voila. Maybe even take a hood off, like on the picture.

And since Revan stacks hoods for power and if you wonder why he didn't beat the Sith Emperor... Well, watch the cinematics again and see how many hoods the Emperor has himself