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I'm asking you guys to kindly STOP PLAYING COMMANDOS IN PVP, until the class is not a useless piece of crap.
The commando class is pretty totalled at this point and is not worth playing. I don't care if you are "SUPER COMMANDO DESTROYER BOB" you are not good enough to overcome the horror that is the commando class in PvP without putting stress on healers and even then...

I really suggest people who PvP on the commando reroll and just put their commando in storage until major changes come our way. In PvP, you are almost giving the opposing team an advantage by playing one

I hear Bioware is planning to "change" the commandos again...well DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP. Look at all the past patches with their "changes". Anytime Bioware says "Incoming changes for Commandos/Mercs" that usually means "NERFS" or "Well, since we gave the commando this....WE SHOULD REMOVE/CHANGE THIS!".

I mean when you look at it they have already:

- Never fixed the main problem which is that commandos can be STOPPED from CASTING ALL SKILLS.
-Nerfed commando damage.
-Nerfed commando survival A LOT.
-Showed they do not understand what is wrong with the commando (probably because none of them really play the game)
- Flat out ignored most of OBVIOUS problems with the commando (All skills can pretty much be stopped, no real mobility)
the big contributors in this thread that still play their commandos/mercs are not the type of player that would bring a team down in regs. thats not to say the vast majority of the time mando/merc is a wasted WZ spot tho, cuz it is unless the person behind the keyboard is very very good.

a lot of us already have re-rolled tho. ive got a powertech and will soon have a sniper as well, so that i can actually participate in RWZs
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