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just popping this in here in case someone missed it .

-a step in the right direction if you ask me , but i agree ..adding more of these reputations are a bad single bar to fill up and get benefits from is enough.

-its a nice way to reward your cartel pack purchasers / customers and get people to chuck some more cash in to the cartel market, as long as the rewards in-game are equally exciting and worth getting...witch is a hard balance to pull off) i have nothing against it.

just please ...don't add more of them, and never combine game systems with the cartel market again...ever

PS: Eric and the community team are really stepping up ..keep up the good work folks!
This game needs to work on its communication with the fan base :P and you guys have been doing a great job since you "took over", keep it up and may the force be with you.
Those changes are fantastic. It would be great if we could sell the certificates on the GTN, but this solution makes plenty of sense for a lot of people.

I think making the cartel tab separate from the other reps should satisfy the so-called "completionists," too. Now it will only be important to those who value the CM.

Looks like everyone wins with these solutions.
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