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People think that being a Sith just kill and kill and kill ... It's what Tremel tries to teach when you send in that prison. Analyze the facts before making decisions simply by bloodthirsty.

Dark Jaesa will never betray the SW you want to know why? During several conversations there were moments in her story were she could of turned on you and betray you. The SW outright tells her she should of took the opportunity to betray you as any truth sith would.

Whenever you mention this she gets - approval. She is attached to the SW since they destroyed everything she loved/cared about she has nothing left so in her insanity she latched onto you and won't let go ever.

Plus what happens during interrogating the prisoners and quinn is different. Quinn betrayed us he was a traitor from the start and when it comes to betrayal most sith nip it in the bud not "forgive" them or heck at least punish them/put them in their place like the current dark decision.