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Phenomenal argumentation. Absolutely irrefutable. Someone disagrees with your position? CLEARLY A CHEATER! And this ridiculous (and offensive) stance even has backers. Jediharrsion, if someone accused you of cheating and you denied it, would you then employ this argument to implicate yourself?

I only came back to the game recently and haven't done a lot of 50s PvP since my return, but I can say pretty unequivocally that lowbie PvP on Harbinger is hardly riddled with hacks. Unless the occasional lag-spikes are being caused by cheaters, in which case let's get 'em. Is this a PvP Server-only problem? Apologies if this is meant to refer to 50s or PvP-server WZs only, but the only problems I run into--and I'm far, far from leet and set my achievement bar pretty low--are players who don't even try using CC to guard caps and node-campers. Well, that and DPSers who swing less than 60k total damage in semi-balanced and combat-heavy WZs, which I think is impossible. Maybe they're cheating? Double-agents or traitors, for example. Because you can't possibly be using even a few of your abilities and be that ineffective, can you?
Excuse me but why are you nameing me in your post? i'm guessing from what i just finished reading that your on the harbinger server?