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I'm with ya, OP. My main complaints about RP are:

Ignorance of your surroundings; People group off into their own little cliques and completely ignore what is happening around them. The whole point of roleplaying in an MMO, and in the SW universe, is to fell like you are there, like you live in it, like you are a PART of it. However I see people completely ignore things that if I saw I would at least acknowledge.

Ignoring potential friendlies : Not everyone is a troll. Some people may play eccentric or crazy folks, some people may just be attention seekers, but in-character. People flat out ignore others. I've seen (and been) people walk up to some folks roleplaying, and try to join in, introduce themselves, buy them a drink, insult their heritage, call them a dirty nerf herder, etc. Only to be absolutely and completely ignored, or have the other person break character, call them a troll, then ignore them anyway.

Extremes : I get that everyone wants to be this amazing, godly, character, but that's just not kosher in an MMO. You are not the son of the emporer who was turned into a vampire and given metal skin that shoots death beams out of it. You are not immune to force powers, you are not able to fly, you cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound, and blaster bolts do not reflect off your manly pectorals. A good baseline is if you cant back it up with game mechanics, dont try to RP you can do it. Can you shoot lightning out of your hands and shock some poor bounty hunter? Sure. Can you tear his limbs off and beat him with them until he cries and bleeds to death? Id say if you can actually beat him in a duel, sure. Can you fly up into the air, form a spirit bomb ala DBZ, and toss it at him, blowing up him, the planet, and the solar system? No. No you cannot. Are you stronger than a Bounty Hunter or Agent because you're a sith? No. No you are not. You are stronger if you are stronger.

Classism: As mentioned above. The empire does have a hierarchy in which the sith are ranked pretty highly. However there ARE imperials ranked above sith, unless said sith are on the dark council. Even THEN, moffs are ranked the SAME as a dark council member. BUT I AM DARTH NOX!!!!! No, you're not. I know your class story told you so, but I assure you, there are not 200 darth nox's running around on the fleet, make your own story (within reason. Bounty Hunters and Agents are NOT common riff raff youd find in your local bar for 50 credits to off some guy named Biff who owes you money. These are the best of the best, the truly outstanding and powerful of their occupations. Pick up the Bane books, force abilities do NOT always work, some people ARE powerful enough to resist their effects, even NON force users. You being a force user does not grant you instant domination over a non force user (and I play an inquis!)

Elitist: All the above kind of sums up into this. Everyone thinking they're better than everyone else in some way shape or form. Where the hell is Bob the bar tender? Wheres Jim who hates his job as a bounty hunter and just wants to run a moisture farm on tattooine? Why is everyone DARTH PWN, SLAYER OF ALL THINGS THAT ARE NOT HIM/HER. Heck half you inquis need to take a page outta Andronikos' book, that guys got his crap down.

Inappropriate Behavior: I dont mean like snogging in the middle of the fleet. Well okay, I do mean like that. Sometimes. But mostly (I only play imperial so I comment on them) I see complete and utter unimperial behavior. Sally Schoolgirl giggling and twirling her hair, drtinking her foo foo cosmo while hitting on mr. darth pwn in his full pvp armor at the cantina for some reason. Mr. Darth Pwn then blushes, giggles, rubs his head shyly and awkwardly. I think you get the picture. This is not high school, this is the freakin empire. And you're on the IMPERIAL FLEET when I see this crap. Its all I can do not to take poor Andronikos' helmet and puke in it. Im not sure if most of you realize what kind of society the empire is. First of all, Mr. Darth Pwn would likely give 0 effs about you, would probably be offended, angered, and ready to kill you that you even THOUGHT about approaching him in such a manner. The other imperials would also likely drag you into a dark corner and beat the ever loving crap out of you for making imperial soldiers look like stupid high school girls in front of a sith. This is a militaristic, harsh, hateful society, and I am watching Beverly Hills 90210. (is that show still on?)

So in short. People make themselves too hard to approach, make their stories WAY too far fetched, and always powergame themselves which takes the fun out of it for everyone else. I truly do hope to see more people RP in a more player friendly manner, but until then I will sit in the cantina and make fun of you, completely in character while you ignore me and pretend I am not there . Cept that chiss girl I cant remember.....she slapped the hell out of me. I electrocuted her in front of everyone, but at least she reacted. anyway, thats it for my 2 cents. Or looking over the length, my 200000 cents.

-Syaseheth, aka Mr. Darth Pwn with bolt reflective pectorals.
And then there are those who entirely try to "break away from the Empire's way of thinking" and be so UN-Sith like it hurts! And that sure some rules and laws do apply, but they stick to their own little world and forget that they have the tools of the universe at their disposal and should abide by them. If a Sith kills his Master, by right of the law, he is granted the title of Lord and cannot be openly killed in public for doing only what he was trained to do. Sure those who cared about the master can send assassins and etc etc, but technically law does state Sith Apprentices assume the mantle of Lord if they succeed in killing their master.

And the ones that REAAALLY make me laugh are the ones like the Harbingers of the Sith'ari who act like Jedi (and in some cases ARE Jedi converts) and say they are still Imperials. Bullcrap. I can't stand when people don't use the lore to their disposal on top of being ******s.