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Paying customers are entitled to complain when they aren't getting what they pay for. So stop with this whiny cry baby nonsense already.
There are comments, there are complaints, and then there is whiny cry baby nonsense. There is a distinguishible difference betweent three. Whilst this thread began with comments and complaints, it has more recently become whiny cry baby nonsense. People posting walls of texts full of expletives towards Bioware (which are removed, mostly because they are reported by other users), accusations against Bioware's motives which no one here actually has any proof of other than circumstantial, a complete and utter lack of understanding as to what the issues behind the scenes may be (there could be unknown technical problems, contractual, legal issues even that they are just not going to tell you about), or attacking people just for having a difference of opinion fits in this category.

I was quite happy when people came here to ask for updates in a calm and mature manner, sadly though not everyone learnt how to ask things politely of formulate an appropriate response.

As for the post further down as to why I'm still here. I get bored at work, need something to occupy my time. Coming here and providing a different point of view is often amusing. Originally it was to stand up for those who I knew couldn't or didn't post here who didn't agree with the merge proposal, but lately we've mostly all decided to give up and just move to other servers.

And as for making the community look bad, honestly I really don't care anymore. I used to when I still enjoyed playing on Gav, and I put a lot of effort into trying to turn the server around planning server events, updates etc. But you know, when it all gets thrown back in your face, taken advantage of, accused of things that just aren't ture and everything just becomes some massive drama for no particular reason, I stopped giving a stuff. I think most would.