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Quote: Originally Posted by iheartnyc View Post
Two reasons:

1) every once in a while one of my old friends who recently unsubbed comes to find me on Bastion from this thread.
2) The longer people continue to play on APAC, the longer the Devs will hold off on doing something about the servers because it looks like people will keep paying $$ and playing no matter what. A mass exodus at this stage is more likely to get the Devs to do something.

1/ No point in me addressing this.

2/ So you're here in this thread to instigate a mass exodus? If that happens they will just close APAC servers down, problem solved in a way I suppose. I don't agree with your logic about people continuing to play.

When the population gets so bad the game isn't fun anymore or they close the APAC servers (can't handle high ms) then I'll just quit, no thread, no petition, I'll just stop playing. Until then, while the game is still fun, I'm going to try and make it more fun with my sad little bumps of this thread.

PS. It's arrogant to assume your "before it was cool" attempt 8 months ago was genuine while the people asking now are not, who made you arbiter?

Now I'm derailing this myself I'm going to slink off.