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Genuine attempt to improve the game = 8 months ago. IIRC, back in July, when me and a few friends (including the OP of this thread) on Master D started to ask for help, the horde of APAC trolled us pretty hard to stop whining - by the way, we've all since quit or rerolled. It was only in September-ish when things started getting really bad that these ****heads who told us to stop whining changed their minds and started to side with us.

Now it's been close to a year. This thread is no longer an attempt to improve the game. It is ridiculous whining by people in an abusive relationship. There are pro-active solutions such as unsubbing, rerolling or whatnot.

"Fix the server or...or....else we'll bump this thread!"
So why are you still in this thread? You and Allie both seem convinced this thread is pointless in fact it seems to be causing you both distress, you both talk the good talk about getting on with it and being proactive, take your own advice.