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I believe they stated that they would rather have more incentives to stay in a warzone over putting in some sort of debuff.
I would think pride and dignity would be the reason to stay, lets face it people are leaving because there is no rules and people can do as they please.

I mean a lesson don't get taught to this rambunctious kids that quit games when the going gets tough.

Rules builds structure and growth, without rules then you have laziness and clutter among the games we play, the amount of backfill games is the sole reason why we need punishment.

The problem existed the day this game was released, and the amount of care for PvP awareness shows with the amount of hacks, exploits, and warzone quitters.

All these things exist every single day we play, I think we need some structure and stability so this game can grow, without someone from Bioware thinking like that then we are in for a sad sad truth.

And that truth is Bioware don't care, and likes players dictating games and ruining it for everyone else.

Where is the care?