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Well. Endgame, lv50 Sentinel. Just working on getting full War Hero Weaponmaster's gear right now.
I've made quite a few posts on this matter before but.. here's for a couple more questions. Thanks for the replies I've gotten in the past, you guys have all been very helpful.

1. Is focus dominate in PvP? I have played Watchmen up to lv 40 and then at 40 switched to focus.. Any links to good builds? What are the specs people are getting 1mil dmg with? lol I know it's quite difficult, but I do have my goals.

2. Should I do ALL weaponmaster's gear? I hear that some people switch out certain items for other items. I'm not going for elite warhero. I'm just getting Warhero, and any other similar items for now. Not doing Elite Warhero's because of 2.0, but I would like to still hold my own until then. So if you could let me know what gear to use, I would appreciate it. My whole time as a Sentinel I have gone for Str, then Endurance and nothing else what so ever.. so I haven't experienced any other stats with this character yet. Let me know if any of them are worth it please!
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