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03.19.2013 , 09:21 PM | #2
Good initiative, i like the idea of restriction of the class buffs give the setups more meaning.

I would participate, but i have no team to play with and i think no one wants to play with me, /foreveralone.

I would just advise, if im allowed, to restrict the usage of healers and tanks per setup, it would be very boring to play any setup with dual tanks / healers. triple DPS is ok IMO, albeit facerollish.

Anything that stays in soresu/ion cylinder/ whatever sin uses 24/7,is a tank, even if hybrid, any sorc with innervate is a healer, even if hybrid and any operative with sub 30% cockpack is a healer, even if hybrid.

Bumped, congratz, keep it up, etc.
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