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your just in denial, your say these claims of hacking are false just to cover your own butt. becouse you know your guilty
Phenomenal argumentation. Absolutely irrefutable. Someone disagrees with your position? CLEARLY A CHEATER! And this ridiculous (and offensive) stance even has backers. Jediharrsion, if someone accused you of cheating and you denied it, would you then employ this argument to implicate yourself?

I only came back to the game recently and haven't done a lot of 50s PvP since my return, but I can say pretty unequivocally that lowbie PvP on Harbinger is hardly riddled with hacks. Unless the occasional lag-spikes are being caused by cheaters, in which case let's get 'em. Is this a PvP Server-only problem? Apologies if this is meant to refer to 50s or PvP-server WZs only, but the only problems I run into--and I'm far, far from leet and set my achievement bar pretty low--are players who don't even try using CC to guard caps and node-campers. Well, that and DPSers who swing less than 60k total damage in semi-balanced and combat-heavy WZs, which I think is impossible. Maybe they're cheating? Double-agents or traitors, for example. Because you can't possibly be using even a few of your abilities and be that ineffective, can you?