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Maybe some of you on the PTS can shed some light on this for us. I'm probably going to hit 50 next weekend.. Just about at 40 valor and will start to convert comms soon.. What becomes of wz and rwz comms once the expansion hits.. Ive heard everything from we lose them to they become something else. I know the gear will be changing but what about the coms. I'd hate to think we're busting our butts for nothing but it seems inevitable.
No one knows yet, and the test center isn't going to let us know. If I had to guess? Ranked will get turned into non ranked at 2750 cap and ranked will be reset to 0. They might give us some credits for everything over the cap that was converted.

That would be my guess, but it is just a guess. They could take away all coms. They could take away none (highly doubt it).
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