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03.19.2013 , 09:05 PM | #30
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That's why I now have a device for recording game play when I believe hacks are happening... someone once told me on these forums there was no such thing as Hacks... did I have video proof?
At the time I didn't, so I said "no"... his response was... "then if you have no video proof, it didn't happen "
Seemed like a hacker just wanted to rub my face in it, that he could get away with doing it...
This really annoyed me to the point that I setup the recording device... since then I take great pleasure in shooting down that statement with backed up evidence... I just wish Bio would tell me where to send it?????
Bio... care to comment?
they want and shoudl review game data, if you see something ticket it so they can review it. Same thing Xboxlive did and caught a lot of people lag switching. always include as much information in the ticket as you can so they can find the person and the game log (no idea how long they keep info but I would assume they maintain some kind of log system). Otherwise you could bug report loot drops to high level gear. forums are jsut for venting, I would never expect them to say anything here, as it would just lead to flame wars, and we are not playing that game we are playing Stun...err I mean Star Wars.