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03.19.2013 , 09:01 PM | #54
Oh, the rampant hacking that I've never seen in soon to be 600 valor levels and across three servers again. Here I've been blaming the piss poor balancing and matchmking system for to some degree ruining my experience when it has been the hacks all along.

Or maybe I'm just immune from too much Halo 2 Now those were hacks.

Hacks are like the UFO's of Swtor. There's a decent camera on every smarthphone these days yet all we get are blurry pictures of something in the sky. It's like every UFO hunter out there is running around with grandpa's camera from 1963....or perhaps UFO's are blurry by nature. Same applies to hacks, tons of people are streaming and capping but no one can present unquestionable proof.