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03.19.2013 , 07:46 PM | #3
You mention several "issues" but you're only linking to hack threads. Are they such a big deal for you? Personally I'd say that 99,9 % of all hacks hail from people having no idea what other classes are capable of, bugs and/or network issues. The latter would explain why some people suffer more than others, get a better connection. The remaining 0,1 % could be made up by 0,09% intended network fiddling and 0,01% code.

All we have so far are videos in which one person may or may not have been up to something. You rarely to never come across a video in which you with certainty can say that a person was hacking. And yet its such a big issue. I take 6,9K hits in 1396 expertise on a game to game basis, I think that's a bigger issue.