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"So are we actually going to see any meaningful action taken to stop the hacking"

Is banning someone meaningful? Is breaking the speedhack from a year ago (which the vid dates show Bioware have done) meaningful action? Perhaps you'd be satisfied with Bioware launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Gingers' house? Sadly the UN may object - after the event - if they tried the latter.

What evidence there is, shows hacking isn't a great problem. Which is rather the point.

Look, I'm a bit irritted, but trying not to be abrasive as I don't really want to have a go at you. I'm just trying to point out that cheating isn't as widespread as a section of players seem to think (and reinforce that belief by telling each other it is). You really seemed to think that Youtube was full of videos showing the game was riddled with cheating - it isn't, as our exchange has shown.

I enjoy the game, and PvP, and I really would like more people to enjoy it too. That's why I'm going on trying to show that PvP ISN'T ruined by rampant cheating (it might be ruined by rampant Smashing, or expertise, or gear, or nerfs to Crit, or even teams of stunlocking ops, but that's another matter and probably just down to opinion).

If you go back and try PvP with an open mind, accept that lag happens, the game's a bit buggy, sometimes you're simply outmatched, and there are an awful lot of abilites to keep track of so not everything is cheating - then you might find you're enjoying yourself. Which would be a Good Thing, from everyone's point of view.
I also enjoy pvp, but every time I pvp on POTF I run into at least one warzone where someone is hacking. When I say hacking I don’t mean lag or any other form of it that could maybe be mistaken for “lag". I'm talking full on speed hacking from one side of the map to the other. It's hard to enjoy pvp when stuff like that is happening on a daily basis and judging by how many threads that have been created discussing the issue it seems like it is actually a great problem that needs to be addressed.

As for the YouTube argument, YouTube is a valid source of video proof, but your right there is not a ton of videos, however there are still a few videos that actually capture hacking in progress. I was just hoping that would hush the people asking for video proof.

I don't get why some people choose to turn the other cheek on this issue. It is affecting people’s gameplay in a negative manner and it is not an issue that should be shoved under the rug. Judging by all of the threads there are about it this is widespread issue.