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That's exactly the point. You don't see football players all giving up after the first field goal. Or baseball players giving up the minute the other team gets a run in.
They get payed to play. Give me a few hundred thousand, or a few million, dollars and I would play football with a team of retarded monkeys.

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You can't win every match you play. One side wins, one side loses. But quitting in droves the minute it seems like you may have to put some effort into a match is pitiful. There are those of us who try very hard we are in every match. And there are people who would rather not try at all, and just desert if they aren't 100% sure their team will win.
No, you can't win every match and I'm guessing that most people understand this. However, a person can only put up with so much aggravation before saying that it's enough.

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What that does is penalizes those of us who DO give it our all. Those of us who don't quit, who try hard, and who put in an effort are being rolled over so some poor sports can ditch left and right because they have no deterrent not to.

Please implement a deserter debuff. Thanks.
How is it penalizing you? By making you work harder than you want to in order to compensate for the open slot?

The same argument can be made by those that quit. Carrying other players is making them work harder than they want to. They don't want to have to worry about someone that decides to leave a pylon, node, or door unguarded because they got bored and feel like killing something. They also don't want to worry about whether or not the guy that is over is competent enough to call incs and is not AFK.

I'm honestly just playing Devil's Advocate here and presenting another side of the argument for people to consider.