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Hey guys, Steph from Sokan here. An idea for Imperial involvement, if any not-so-loyal Republic groups wanted to float it: You can always hire out the Empire to do your bidding(!) Having a few skilled agents on hand to assist your group during the final event might not be such a bad idea.

If Imperial Guilds want to join in, some World PVP base assaults (note: world base assaults, not ganking) in an attempt recover information about who the Star's Holder is (or just to bring grief to Sokan/Nexu), wouldn't be such a bad idea. We're in(!) - if there are participating Sokan/Nexu present at the time and it looks like you've got us cornered then maybe, just maybe, your guild can "persuade" someone to whisper you (aka: jump on their imp and tell your character via holomail) the Holder's identity. At which point you can either end it there, do something RP-ish (say, try and sell the information to Republic players), or talk to me about running a longer-lasting cross guild RP with Sokan/Nexu, even though it's up in the air as to whether we'll be in possession of the Star by the end of the event. My enjin profile, for contact:

And lastly, before I forget... Event Flier: