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Lastly, I'll let my agent Caeliux answer any other questions you may have, he's a Sith Lord and understands the basics more than I.
You just want me jive in cause your excuse is,

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The reason being, players would simply AFK @ a node instead if this was put into game. Simple truth.
Which this OP and answered with,

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So they would be AFK kicked, and still have the cooldown.
There is your AFK answer, people would get punished for acting like spoiled brats, AFK kicked with a buff.

If some of you want to do some research on this very topic, just read my responses in this wonderful thread I have conquered.

Your going to find countless excuses people make, and every single one of them deserve a deserter buff.

Truth will set you free people, some of you need to take your blinders off your glasses and see the bigger picture.

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It's this simple, quitters are the same breed of bad players that make excuses in life, either way they don't contribute nothing but heartache and pain for everyone.

Lets just say a deserter buff was added, and some players out of spite decided to be baddies and goof off all match because of the buff, it would not last long.

Children when they get punished sometimes rebel against their parent for punishing them, after awhile that child finally gives in to the rules because they all of sudden know the parent isn't kidding and the rules are not bending for anyone.

That is the same thing Bioware could of done when this game was made, made a deserter buff for quitters just like Warcraft.

But, they didn't and now alot of people are suffering over it, as well people are loving the abuse of it and also love ruining games and other peoples time with the current leave warzone pass we have.
Undisputed truth ^
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Everytime this idea gets brought up on this forum the quitters zerg the thread about why they shouldn't be punished for hanging their teammates out to dry.
Ironic isn't it.