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03.19.2013 , 05:33 PM | #26
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Where's the self entitled computer/software/network/system/game designer engineering expert who tells us that there's no hacks and/or cheats in this game?! Usually, there's at least one of these fellows in a thread like this
That's why I now have a device for recording game play when I believe hacks are happening... someone once told me on these forums there was no such thing as Hacks... did I have video proof?
At the time I didn't, so I said "no"... his response was... "then if you have no video proof, it didn't happen "
Seemed like a hacker just wanted to rub my face in it, that he could get away with doing it...
This really annoyed me to the point that I setup the recording device... since then I take great pleasure in shooting down that statement with backed up evidence... I just wish Bio would tell me where to send it?????
Bio... care to comment?