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So they would be AFK kicked, and still have the cooldown.

ANY kick of a warzone should trigger a cooldown, regardless, and of course AFK checks should be automatic.. Rift essentially eliminated botters, quitters, and AFKers in their Scenarios, you'd think SWTOR would do the same thing. It can't be hard to add this.

Cycling NINE players in a single WZ is pathetic.
Pretty sure when defending a pylon and getting defender points, you cannot be kicked. And even if it did, players would shoot once, get into combat, and then troll you. I don't disagree it's an issue, but there are plenty of instances where backfillers have helped the team compared to those that left; and vice versa, it's hard not to leave a WZ, when bads geared in greens or just absolutely do not pay attention to chat/objectives, continue to make the 15 minutes or so a colossal waste of someone elses time. It goes both ways, therefore IMO it's a moot issue.

Lastly, I'll let my agent Caeliux answer any other questions you may have, he's a Sith Lord and understands the basics more than I.
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