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Thank you - so 2.0 effectively does nothing to help the recruit problem we are facing. Good work Bioware - Im glad you've learned through great lengths.
the only problem with recruit gear is when 3 or more ppl in predominately recruit gear land in the same WZ team - when the other team is stacked with gear (probably skill also, but that's not something you can objectively measure from matchmaking perspective). It takes exactly one week to replace ALL recruit with war hero gear, simply by completing the daily every day and accomplishing one weekly. this statement takes for granted a few very reasonable assumptions:

  • you are a fresh 50
  • you maxed your regular and rated comms during levels 40-49 in lowbie WZs
  • you are willing to trade back your ewh comms for wh comms at a 1:1 ratio

If you're NOT a fresh 50, then you're in the minority, and while I empathize (I recently started to pvp with a toon that was exclusively pve since launch), there is absolutely no reason the entire gear grind system should be reworked to accommodate you.

more intuitive matchmaking would help (whether you're for separate Qs or expertise balancing or any other barometer), but that's almost certainly never going to happen.

eliminating the gear grind system is also a bad idea unless it's replaced by something that offers meaningful rewards, which I do not think are in the cards either.

thus, the answer is suck it up. if you see 3+ ppl in recruit gear (yourself included), drop during spawn. or sit there and take it in the face for the participation toward your daily.

edit: it's actually a good thing when a recruit drops. as a general rule, you can play with 2 recruits so long as they play objectively and don't try to solo stuff. 3 is probably too much dps/mitigation loss to make-up unless the other team has a comparable number of undergeared players (which happens fairly often, to be fair)
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