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Clicked on a title thinking it would be about premades and got a nice surprise that its about gear.
both which are irrelevant discussions lol

the new Bolster mechanic in 2.0, if it ever works properly, will put you somewhere between Recruit and EWH gear. that is what the devs have said anyways. so even if you go into a WZ in full PvE gear, you will get some expertise.

now, DO NOT think that this means you will be on an even playing field. in full Partisan gear my commando on PTS has 60% damage bonus from expertise. a PvE geared player gets ~30%. i could easily tell which players were in PvE gear b/c i was hitting them w/ demo round for 10k.

if you want to PvP and not be cannon fodder, you still need to get PvP gear. youll just be marginally more well-off with PvE gear than you were in Recruit gear.
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