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Well I guess its some sort of cultural divide because its a important information and the fact that it isn't available at our language is an absolute no go and that it is entertaining can't compensate this because its not there. Well maybe we are a bit too dedicated to rules and security and things like that, you know its a Krauts thing you may have heared about it in history lessons ( don't take it too serious), but we are who we are. But if I'm not wrong than Leonalis is from Switzerland but I would blame the language just to be sure that something is to blame, because of our different understanding of how things should be done and what should be avoided like the translation of the new forum rules contains an indirect insult and the thing with the callouts was translated in a way that forbid users to interact with each other, yeah right its forbiden to answer questions.
The majority of his post was talking about his demeanor in posting and using the MrYellowduck joke, saying he shouldn't talk to the community that way. The language part was added at the very end of the paragraph. I was responding to the rest of it. I understand you guys want your translations, but that isn't Phillip's job, those complaints should be directed at the community team, not him.

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Funny. Blizzard manages simultaneously in more than 10 languages ​​to communicate with the community and A has trouble with a little bit more then English?

2 companies
2 ways
2 statement of income
I don't tihnk Bioware makes as much money in a year that Blizzard makes in a month right now.

Bioware may be owned by EA, but they mostly operate on their own; EA doesn't send them checks, it's the other way around.
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