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Yes, if you have a Security Key, that trumps everything else and you will not have to additionally enter an Email Security Code. ISP's that change IP address every day on their customers was taken into consideration, but sadly we can't eliminate the IP address out of the equation and still stay at a reasonable level of security within the authentication process.

Sadly the answer is not what you wanted to hear. There is a certain point where keeping security at an acceptable level has to outweigh the inconvienence - if that were not the case, we would gladly do away with passwords and their ilk without a second thought! There are bad people out there that would love to take over other peoples accounts - and our authentication system (and all its complexities) are what stops them.
Not happy about that anwer, but thanks anyway.
I understand that after change, since you will allow player to do more things by themselves, some things that are 'safe enough' right now might not be so after that change. Still, wouldn't it be possible to let player(if he specifically selects such option in his account page) to log into game(and game only) using old or reduced security measures? I'm not security expert so I might be not aware of something, but only thing in danger in such case would be our characters, with account itself remaining protected by email authentiaction, and safe.
Yes, I'm really not looking forward to checking my email every day