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I never really liked Mako, I found her a bit annoying, she has too much of a 'morning person' attiude about her. Drove me nuts, so I ran with Gault. I suppose my favorite moment with her, if I had to pick one was when Braden died.

Tbh, I'm a bit ticked off that you guys are ignoring us Malavai Quinn fans. We've been practically begging for him since this stuff started. Now if you are alternating the bios between imp/rep, it'll be at very least May (but most likely longer) to learn about Malavai. I hope you guys do a really excellent job on Malavai's story, cause this sucks having to wait this long, and longer for him. :/
Hey Lunafox,

I just wanted to jump in here and say we definitely aren't ignoring the Quinn requests. He is one of my absolute favorite Companions and I can't wait to do a Companions 101 on him. That said, the reason why you won't see him for a little while is that we are trying to cover a Companion from every class before we return to that class for another Companions 101. This doesn't mean your suggestions do not count - Quinn is most definitely going to be the next Warrior Companion we write about, but to be fair we want to do a blog on an Inquisitor Companion before then since they haven't had a Companions 101 on any of their Companions yet. I keep a chart for which Companions are suggested on the forums, social media, and PMs to me so all of your suggestions do count.

TL;DR: I love Quinn - he is my Marauder's husband in game and is very dreamy. He will have a Companions 101 in the future - keep suggesting him, but we want to get to all the other classes before returning to the Warrior. I promise you, he will be the first Imperial Companion in our second round of the Companions 101 series.
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