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03.19.2013 , 09:13 AM | #443
Just wanna give my 2 cents on the SGR subject. I made a fem sith warrior before I even knew that romance was possible in this game. Then I acquired vette and I looked up the companions. In vette's profile it says Romance = yes. In Quinn's profile it said Romance = yes (light side female) so I immediately assumed I could romance vette as a fem sith. I was actually very disappointed to learn that my only romance option was a dude. I'm glad that they're eventually putting it in. And BW is getting a lot of flack for it only with working on 1 planet at first, but honestly, there has to be A LOT of work involved. Writing new dialogue, recording voices, programming it all in, testing. For a game so massive as SW:TOR, that would take at least a year. Glad they're finally, slowly but surely, adding it to the game. I just hope it happens before I reach lvl 55 with every class.
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