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Quote: Originally Posted by S_I_T_H_L_O_R_D View Post
The german and the french Players are paying the same price for getting forum information, and writing down suggestions for the game there

2. Class customership is not really suitable for the european customers
So are all other european customers, but they don't get their own forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by JPryde View Post
And calling the localization an error is probably the most egocentric thing I have read in a while.
I never called localization of game mistake, only forums. Because it's not only reason for people to complain, but also either makes communication so much harder(have to check and reply on 3 diferent forums), or as in current case, makes one forum primary while all others recieve less attention.

Oh boy, look, you people turned yet another thread into "omg we want translations" argument. No more.
Over and out.