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Well funny these should be mentioned.. I was in VS today and I play a sniper.. I ducked into cover but none of my cover abilities were available because i got knocked out of cover but never came out of cover.. but as soon as our side cleared out the door the lag stopped and repeated itself on the other door.. when we were fighting again.. Its bizarre cause i seldom if ever hit a lag spike between my connection and the fact that like many of you i have a pretty potent gaming rig.. not likely to happen frequently.. I'm going to pay more attention to who we are fighting when this occurs

In the past week, there has been a few times where I was in cover and couldnt use my cover abiltilties. At first I thought it was another SS popping me out out of cover with ability, then I noticed it wasn't. Also a few times after getting out of CC I couldnt go back into cover either...again no ability used to prevent me. So just chalked it up as a hack.