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After dinner, they went for an evening stroll around the lake. Sgorr and Tuath declined to join them, which was both convenient and suspicious.

It didn't take much discussion. The three of them had fallen back into their old teamwork, knowing each other's skills and capabilities and the way they thought and worked. The approach they were going to take was the obvious one. Lokin was the one the Mirialans suspected, so Cirean would use Tuath to direct attention towards Lokin and away from herself and Twelve, building on the slightly evasive answers Lokin had given them when questioned after the lecture. Twelve would concentrate on keeping Sgorr and Tuath under close but covert observation. Lokin would act as though he was oblivious of any suspicion, but sow a few more hints about Imperial sympathies if the chance arose.

They rapidly sorted out their stories, greatly assisted by the fact that one Eilean Assynt, formerly the Senior Professor of Biochemistry at the Coronet University Medical School, had recently defected to the Empire and was now working at the ISB where Lokin had actually met her, and Lokin had 'admitted' to doing his medical training at Coronet University.

Before they went back inside the hotel, they sat on the terrace for a while. Twelve used his datapad to check the tiny holocams they'd hidden, one in each of their rooms, one watching each door.

Sure enough, they observed Sgorr bugging Lokin's room with a small holocam and several listening devices, rather clumsily and obviously.

All the devices were active rather than passive and, even if they hadn't observed them being placed, a simple sweep would have found them. All were placed in standard basic positions: in the light fitting, underneath the table, on the holocom unit, the back of the holonet screen, and so on.

"The SIS really need to improve their agent training", Cirean commented.

Lokin nodded. "It's almost unfair to put them up against us."

"Developing a conscience, Eckard?" asked Twelve with raised eyebrows.

"Not at all, I only said almost."

Cirean giggled.

There was no attempt to bug Twelve and Cirean's room, confirming that, so far, Lokin was the only suspect. That also made it likely, as they'd discussed, that Sgorr and Tuath becoming friendly with them had genuinely been an accidental encounter, not a targeted investigation.
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