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I tried to jump there and I couldnt, maybe because of his imp friends killing me fast; I tried to force push him and it didnt work; also I tried to leap on him and it didnt work; I honestly dont remember if he can take damage from there.

The reason I posted that is because a few months ago I found an exploit on how to kill foreman crusher without getting a single hit from him and just a couple minutes later I posted here on forums bioware delete my post.
They do not like you to post something that is consider as a exploit so they will delete the thread. If there is ever a question ticket it in game.

If you could not jump,push or damage him than this is a problem. Can not tell if the force lightning is his or someone casting it on him. With the CM provideing Jedi looks that even Imps can wear or BH for that I give up to try and make it out in pictures.