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What it is: This is an RP event organized by the Justiciars, in association with the Knights of Sokan and Nexu Company.

The Goal: Retrieve the Star of Suzerains (a Counterfeit Murustavan Ruby) from the Knights of Sokan, supported by Nexu Company.

How: This event has two phases.

First, an information gathering phase set to begin immediately.

Second, a grand PVP finale in the Lawless Sands on Tatooine, to take place at 10:00pm EST on April 6th.

How you can participate during the Information Stage: Your goal is to gather information from members of the Knights of Sokan and/or Nexu Company regarding the identity of the Holder, who will be a member of the Knights of Sokan. After approaching a member of these guilds, you will be informed of ways that you can earn the right to ask ONE YES OR NO QUESTION which they must then answer truthfully. Some of the ways you can earn a question are:

1) Bribe for a reasonable amount (10k)
2) Defeat them in a duel
3) Beat them in a WZ
4) Run a FP together
5) Work the answer out of them during RP (possibly by getting them drunk, offering to share a cut of the item's proceeds, etc...)

Members of the Holder's guild who aren't participating can just say so when approached.

The point of this information stage is to allow guilds to identify the Holder, which will be important for the Grand Finale. Each guild will probably want to hoard information, since whoever gets the item in the end is the winner.

GRAND FINALE: The event will end in a battle for the item on Tatooine, in the Lawless Sands. The item Holder must stay in the zone for 1 hour once the event starts. If they can survive that period and make it out alive at the end, the Knights of Sokan and Nexu Company win.

If the Holder is killed, they’ll send a tell to their killer informing them that they now have the item. The two will meet up and /trade the item. That person must now stay in the zone until the end of the event and so on.

The previous Holder will then make an announcement in General identifying the GUILD of the new Holder, but not the actual Holder's identity.

Whoever ends with the gem is the winner.

Prize: For the person who ends with the gem, their choice of one of the 1440 Cartel Market armor sets. There may be a prize for the winning guild, to be discussed between myself and the winning GM. In order to redeem any reward, the gem must be mailed to Vizair, Guild Master of the Justiciars.