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From the Coruscant Central Archives:

The Star of Suzerains: A ruby of incomparable value, this semi-mythical gem was said to have been the centerpiece of the Celestial Tyrant’s royal regalia. The first references to the Star date to the reign of King Halvor IV, known to history as “The Conqueror” for his brilliant, and often brutal, campaigns unifying several sectors along what is now the remote reaches of the Tingal Arm.

Although no images or video of the ruby survive from this distant pre-Republic period, written sources describe the Star as a gem of unusual size and brilliance, palpably warm to the touch. Perhaps the most curious trait indicates the presence of a peculiar luminosity emanating from a mysterious mist said to be locked within jewel.

Several of the later Celestial Tyrants were said to use the gem as a kind of oracle, claiming to foretell the future from the shifting swirls of the Star’s internal tempest, and any army that bore the ruby was believed to be invincible. Whether the gem actually held any of the fantastical properties ascribed to it, it was clearly a precious stone of immense pecuniary, political, and ideological value.

Unfortunately, the Star was lost during the civil wars that brought the Grand Acesian Celestial Kingdom to its end. It was last attested in the ownership of Queen Emia II, the final legitimate Celestial Tyrant, and presumed destroyed when her flagship was annihilated by rebel forces.

--- Transmission Begins ---

Greetings and Salutations on behalf of my master, the Magnificent and most Puissant lord of all he surveys, Naggon the Hutt. Though it has been lost for ages, the ever knowledgeable and all-knowing Lord Naggon is now aware that the priceless Star of Suzerains has been recovered by the Jedi known as the Knights of Sokan. His Immensity makes it known to all that riches beyond the dreams of avarice await any who can retrieve the ruby.

--- Transmission Ends ---